Clean Water With The Berkey

*UPDATE* I just bought my first Big Berkey water filter system. The system is fairly simple, gravity fed through ceramic filters. The pungent odor of chlorine and plastic is gone from my tap water. The taste is crisp and tastes clean. For the price $189.00, I believe this was a good purchase that I can take with me to deer camp or mining camp. If you have any experience with these systems comment bellow.

Have you noticed the odor coming from your tap water? Ours has a strong odor of chlorine and plastic. Ever wonder what else is in your water? Fluoride? Glyphosates? Pesticides? I have been looking for a good water filter that takes all of the above out. My two favorite systems so far are the Big Berkey and the Alexapure Pro. Have a look at this video I will attach, the ditch water the guy filters remarkably filters out nicely.

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  1. We bought a Berkey about 7 years ago. At the time we lived in town and filtered all of our water. Now that we are on a we’ll we haven’t been using it, but we keep it near if we ever have to drink from our Creek in a shtf scenario. We have been very happy with it.

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