Boondocking R.V Style – Out Smarting Conventional Home Ownership

Everyone knows buying a house is stressful and expensive. Banks and government will get their cut from the new home buyers. Starting with – home inspections, escrow, closing costs, interest, homeowner insurance, property taxes, economic down turn, and so on. Then maybe you finally move into your new house, and come to find out you and your neighbor do not see eye to eye, and a ongoing feud ensues. Next your property taxes go up, after that a homeowners association states that you can not have a flag pole with the American flag flying in your yard. Well if you have ever felt overwhelmed or had buyers remorse after buying into the housing market, I have a solution you may want to consider.

If you have the money for a home loan then you should be approved for a recreational vehicle loan. Just think, instead of buying a $350,000 or more starter home you can buy a deluxe coach for $90,000. The R.V world has changed quite a bit since the old Winnebago Brave motor home days. Rigs now are more sleek, more resistant to leaks because of better roof material, efficient cummins diesel engines getting good fuel mileage, large slide outs to give you more breathing room, bed sizes of your choice, and the list goes on!

So you bought your RV and now where to park it? Most long term R.V parks are clean, safe, and quiet. I am not talking about a trailer park with double wides. Long term parks usually have retirees, long haul truckers, working class people living there. A monthly spot at a park will usually hover a little above or bellow $450! Now you are looking at your ” Monthly Mortgage” is going to be well under a thousand dollars, depending on what your monthly R.V loan is! And usually, the park space price includes the electricity and full water and sewer hook ups!

The best part about R.V life is, if you get fed up with the politics of a state, or you received a job offer two states away, you can just pick up and go! No need to list your property! I as many others are loving this lifestyle, and without all of the added taxes! Research for yourself, the freedom of this option is sure to put a smile on your face!

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