Bega Canned Survival Cheese

I was recently gifted a can of Bega cheese. Collected by survivalists and hunters, this cheese is the equivalent of Red Feather canned butter! Lets talk the nutritional facts on the can, sodium is 490mg!  Cholesterol 30mg, 2 grams of carbs, 6g of protein! This is a super food! In a survival situation, you happen to kill small game like a rabbit, this can of cheese would be a good side to something that does not have a lot of nutritional value as a rabbit or squirrel. Or maybe having cheese when all else is gloomy, cheese has always been a comfort food! in a bad situation… I will be tasting this can of cheese with a few people at my work and give a quick yes or no on this product! Watch this video bellow for a quick review.

Author: The Governor

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