Trump Rips Green New Deal – AOC Responds With Cocky Warning

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By Christopher Watson
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If Trump is anything, you gotta admit he’s controversial and unorthodox. At the NRCC Annual Spring dinner he mocked the fear-mongering plan by Democrats to accelerate to financial collapse of the U.S. with their scheme to eliminate farting cows, air travel and other hair-brained, expensive schemes to “save humanity” from the brink of extinction in the next 12 years. (clip)

Trump is like that guy in the room at a party who likes to torment cats with a laser pointer. Every time he talks he removes his laser pointer from his pocket and drives every democrat cat around in circles, up the wall and into glass windows. We all know it’s a dog and pony show…but at least it’s an entertaining unconventional show as most people stay mesmerized by the slight of hand that is the left vs right paradigm.


Of course trump’s remarks about the young bartender’s Green New Deal climate change proposal caught the attention of Socialist misfit Alexandria cow flatulence Cortez who told Newsweek Wednesday that the “last guy who underestimated me lost.” “That’s all I gotta say about that,”

The Socialist freshman Representative from New York still sees a conspiracy between Fox News, Republicans, the Mercers, dark money–and fellow Democrats–as the driving force behind her crushing unpopularity. Last week’s Quinnipiac poll found her with just a 23 percent approval rating overall and underwater across all demographics except Democrats. But even then she does not have the approval of a majority of Democrats.


As much as her handlers have tried to get her in shape to hold up in the public spotlight, they just can’t seem to get her to come across with a lick of sense. Fortunately people can at least see through that smoke and mirrors stunt.

To this day Ocasio-Cortez sees a conspiracy behind her unpopularity.

“It’s almost as though there is a directed + concerted far-right propaganda machine with a whole cable news channel, and a dark-money internet operation propped up by the Mercers et al dedicated to maligning me & stoking nat’l division…


Ocasio-Cortez followed by agreeing with a Young Turks Talking head, who also blamed Democrats for her unpopularity.

“The issue is that while right-wing media and GOP politicians are coordinating 24/7 in their war against you, many centrist Democrats and ostensibly Democrat-leaning media outlets are also working to undercut you as much as they can.”


Yeah…it couldn’t possibly be that people don’t like here because she’s a socialist who wants to steal and redistribute everybody’s hard earned income against there will as she steals 174,000 a year from tax payers for her congressional salary. It couldn’t possibly be that! Cortez responded:

“Word. But someone’s got to care about growing the Dem base: the thing ppl don’t realize is that the House is where you can build turnout infrastructure to win Presidentials. When we don’t invest in blue-seat organizing in the House, we don’t get the turnout we need every 4 years.


That’s all it’s about for these people, winning seats capitalizing on popularity and establishing a majority. It’s not about doing the right thing….it’s not about leaving people alone, it’s not about promoting and supporting the free market…it’s about gaining a majority and controlling people through legislation. It’s like that on the right side of the Aisle and it’s like that on the left side.


So Time Magazine can print as many Maoist homage photos of Cortez all they want. It doesn’t change the fact that She and the rest of here 534 collegues in washington are our enemies.


I guess till this epidemic of cognitive dissonance in the political world blows over, we can spend some time taking out our laser pointers and driving some cats up the wall with it.

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