The Abortion Merry-Go-Round Argument!

I am going to take a libertarian stance on this topic this time, just to show how well the deep state is dividing and concurring this country. I am personally tired of this debate. This is the liberals equivalent of the conservatives second amendment stance. Both are passionate about both topics. Notice this debate has popped back up due to the lack of political tensions in the news cycle? If a state decides to outlaw something like abortion, and you do not like this, then move to a state like California and have all the abortions you want! Abortion will never be illegal in far left states, yes this is a polarizing topic, but if you want on demand abortions do not look to red states like Alabama and Texas to go along with this legislation. At this point the country is divided. Face it. I am starting to lean hard to the side that says lets just cut the sheets between the two political sides in this country. Split the country in two, and go our separate ways.

I personally, do not believe abortion is a moral thing to do. In my opinion, it is murder. Now who am I to tell someone that if they want to kill their offspring not to do it? They will live with this decision for the rest of their lives. How about you just not ask tax payers to pay for it? This country offers so many different kinds of birth control options, and all at a very low cost or nearly free! What if we offered free hysterectomies in place of abortion? Just another form of “women’s rights” and birth control right? Would women go for this? Abortion is not a constitutional right. This is a social issue, and a tired one at that.


Author: The Governor

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