Surprise! The Federal Government Sounds the Alarm.

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As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

In this article my goal is to help the American people examine the Federal Governments actions and draw their own conclusions as to what their Federal Government is signaling to them.



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It should be no secret that many of America’s elected public officials have created quite a controversy as it relates to whose interest they are serving. Obama, the Clintons, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi…the list goes on.

Now enter Donald Trump who represents how the majority of the American people feel. Trump calls these people Criminals, Traitors, Deep State Operatives.

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The American people cling to every word President Trump speaks because the American people want to believe there is still  “Hope” for America, The Land Of The Free and Home Of The Brave. As it should be.

Now let’s examine some actions which should raise Red Flags for every American.

No doubt Trump has entered a liars den, filled with nefarious Characters. As we’ve all witnessed, Trump has been cleaning house, replacing many of the Deep States Operatives in the process.

The most recent change which Trump has made was appointing Bill Barr as Attorney General. With a house full of Deep State Operatives, one has to question Bill Barr’s history. Most people would agree the Bush family is and has always been, a Deep State Operative working toward a New World Order, Bush Sr has come right out and proclaimed that “We Have A Real Chance At This New World Order.”

So why would President Trump appoint a former Bush operative who acted as attorney General under the previous Bush Administration? This should raise a Red Flag to all Americans. Of course Barr’s association with the Bush family doesn’t make him guilty of anything, but moving forward, Barr’s actions will speak volumes to the American people.

Pay Attention: America has been waiting for criminal charges to be pressed against the criminal cabal that has been exposed for selling uranium to Russia, using alphabet agencies (FBI, DHS…) to influence America’s last election, against President Trump…etc.

These Deep State Operatives have sold weapons to the drug cartel in Mexico (Eric Holder) and shipped Billions in cash to Iran (Obama) not to mention the Clinton mass murder list, Clinton Foundation Money laundering, Benghazi  and collusion with the Russians.

Now in the videos below you will here Col. Roy Potter describe the message behind the government’s actions and the video below that is from “The Patriot Nurse”, who gives you a look at the bigger picture on the events that are shaping our country’s future. By their actions you will know them.

Please share your opinions in the comment section below, share any pieces of the puzzle that can help people grasp what they are witnessing across the American political spectrum today.

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