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President Trumps State of the Union will air at 9pm EST. This is do or die for the president, he needs to stand firm on the boarder and get the wall construction going now. He needs to also address social media censoring of free speech. Also a side note to look for is where is Waldo?  ( Ruth Ginsburg ) She has been MIA since here lung cancer surgery. Updates to come today!

6:28 pm:  We’re a half hour into the SOTU address.  Here are the things I noticed,  1) Nancy Pelosi and about a fourth of the Dems have stood up and clapped at something the President said many times tonight. 2) Trump is finally able to tell all Americans about some of his great successes:  1) Tax reform  2) Criminal Justice Reform 3) Low unemployment rates, 4) US is producing more natural gas and oil than any other country in the world.

6:34:  Trump puts human traffickers, drug coyotes, and cartels are being put on notice by the President.

6:35:  Trump has ordered several hundred military men to the southern border to halt another caravan of Hispanics heading toward the border. Trump emphasizes that diversity is a great thing for our country but the immigrants must come legally.

6:35:  Trump takes on the weatlthy who live behind protective walls, but let the average Joe fend for himself.  Pelosi looked uncomfortable.  Just sayin’.

6:38:  Trump talks about the drug problem at the southern border.  He also talks about MS13 gangs and how the federal government is trying to solve the problem.

6:44:  Trump discusses his overall immigration and reform plan.  He points out that the Dems used to be for a border wall, but no longer.Trump:  “Walls work and walls save lives!”

6:45:  Trump says 58% of women got the new jobs this year.  All Repubs cheer, but Dem women in white got up and actually cheered.  I see a Trump ad coming.  Trump know how to troll and reel the Dems in.

6″49:  Trump discusses the infrastruction of the US and gets a standing O from both sides of the aisle.  Yip, Yip, Yahoo!  The Dems don’t know what hit them.

6:50:  Trump discusses pharmaceutical drugs and their costs.  He says raising drug prices is unconscienceable and that his administration will stop it.  Gets cheers and standing Os from both sides.

6:58:  Trump talks about eliminating HIV epidemic within 10 years.  Everyone from both sides stands and cheers when he talks about eliminating AIDS.

7:00:  Trump talks about the fight against childhood cancer.  He introduces a young girl with cancer.  Her smiles would make you melt.  You’d think this young girl would just be about herself, but she also helped raise money for cancer research.  TRump asks for 5 hundred million dollars to help fund cancer research for children.  Many on both sides stand and cheer.

7:02:  Paid family leave touted by Trump.  Both sides cheer.

7:03:  Trump DARES to talk about NY and Virginia and how they were for infanticide.  He gives specifics!  The Dems don’t know what to do.  He calls for a new bill which would protect late term babies from abortion.  The right erupts.  The left looks flumoxed.

7:05:  Trump discusses national security.  He talks about how he got other nations to pay their fair share of NATO.  The right cheers and stands.  Trump says he’s getting military money from our partners in NATO who hadn’t previously been paying their fair share.  Most who stand and cheer are on the right.  A few on the left stand, too.

7:07:  Trump withdraws from INF.  Feels he can’t trust Russia. He says we will outspend and out-innovate all other countries.  We also seek peace on the Korean penninsula.  He touts the concessions he’s gotten from Kim Jong Un, and says if he wasn’t the President, we would still be under threat from North Korea.

7:10:  Discusses Venezuela and recognizing the new government of Juan Guaido .

7:11:  Trump says America will never be a socialist country.  Interestingly, some Dems cheered.  Not Bernie Sanders, though.  He looked glum.

7:12:  Trump talks about moving the American Embassy  Israel to Jerusalem.  Promises made, promises kept.

7:15:  Trump says, “Great nations do not fight endless wars.”  Gets almost everyone to their feet.  I don’t think the Dems know what to do.  They’re supposed to be the resistance.

7:16:  Trump says it’s time to bring our troops home from Syria.  Trump says it’s time to try for peace in the Middle East.

7:17:  Trump said no one should think America is not up to the task of defending its people. Trump talks about radical regime of Iran.  He talks about how he withdrew the US from the disastrous US/Iran deal.  He said he’s going to put the toughest sanctions on Iran.  “We will not look the other way when a country says, ‘Death to America.'”  Talks about anti-semitism on the rise.

7:20:  Trump honors two Holocaust survivors and the fact that they remembered how happy they were to see the Americans liberate the concentration camps.  He also honors several American soldiers who liberated the camps.  Who are the special guests of the Dems?  Screeching activists like the type that ambushed Senator Flake in an elevator.  We have heros.  They have clowns.

7:25:  Trump talks about the D-Day war heros, their sacrifice, bravery, and vision.

7:26:  Trump talks about how different the different regions of the US are, but says we have a lot of exciting journeys to come as well as victories. The President calls for unity.

Note:  I’m not sure the Dems knew what hit them.  They came in loaded for bear and ready to fight and boo.  What happened?  Trump.  He had a lot of bipartisan things to say and almost dared them to boo and be oppositional.  Can’t wait to see old Stacy Abrams make a fool of herself trying to find fault with what the President said.




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