San Diego Port Of Entry Closed

Footage of migrants rushing the port of entry in San Diego. The video clips are reminiscent of what has happend in Europe. All support should be with President Trump and our armed forces holding the zombie hoards off. I have mentioned before, this is a planned invasion with military aged men. Several videos the invaders can be heard chanting “Yes we can!” Sound familiar? Reports coming out saying millions are on their way. This will get more organized as it goes on.

This is a perfect time to go over your go bags and bug out plan. This could get ugly, i do not believe most are taking this as serious as it really is. Imagine these military aged men running though your suburb throwing rocks, stealing, robbing, no go zones like in Britain where muslims have taken over…. So once again, talk to your family, neighbors, friends. Formulate a plan in the worst case scenario, USA is under a military attack.

watch the videos on Brietbart-

Author: The Governor

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