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2:18 pm EST:  Well, unfortunately it looks like President Trump may be getting ready to cave on the government shutdown.  He’s being squeezed on all sides.  We all hope this is not going to happen and it’s just a head fake.

2:20 pm EST:  President Trump says he’s proud to say an agreement has been reached to open the federal government. In the speech he praised federal government workers and said many have contacted him and they are some of the people who are Making America Great Again. Trump says he’s heard from both Republicans and Democrats who claim they are for complete border security and that having border fencing or walls is part of the solution.  He also says the two parties agree that national security is at stake.  He reminded everyone that  border agents have told him repeatedly that border walls work by keeping drugs out and being able to secure far more areas with far fewer people.  Trump also said walls are not Medieval, rather they are a sound solution to end the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border.

Trump used the rest of his speech to explain the border crisis to the American public, but since the left is intransigent and will never allow Trump a win, I doubt he has changed any minds.  Most of us wanted the President to use the power of the executive office to declare a national emergency.  The problem with that is that Democrats already have several leftist judges standing by to immediately halt the declaration and tie it up in courts for months or years.

Let’s place blame where blame is due.  Several GOP senators sided with Democrats and put pressure on Trump to open the government.  Among those turncoats were Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Corey Gardner, and Susan Collins.  Further, Mitch McConnell made it clear to the President yesterday that he’s never been for a shutdown and insisted the President open it  back up.

2:38 pm EST:  The President ended his speech by explaining that the Democrats said they would come to the table once the government is open.  Anyone who’s lived over the last 50-60 years knows that’s a whopper.  The Dems did the same to Reagan when he went along with an amnesty proposal and never got border security.  The President went on to say that this is a temporary solution and if after three weeks, the Democrats don’t come up with funding for the wall, he will use his executive powers and declare a national emergency.

Well, let the whooping and hollaring begin.  The media and Democrats, but I repeat myself, will be howling with joy and will inevitably proclaim Nancy Pelosi as a great negotiator and the woman who took down Trump.  It all makes me sick to my stomach.





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