Rejecting Biology

This is how you brainwash people – Push your agenda at a very early age, shame those who do not agree as being intolerant. Make the the subject “The new norm”. The psychosis of 15 or more genders is being taught extensively in public schools.  The same people that ridicule you over the ” science” of global warming are the same people who tell you that biology does not matter! They are also the same people that hear a heart beat in the womb, then say that it is not a living human being and has  no right to live.


Think about being a teen again, everything is intensified and confusing due to hormones. It is no wonder so many kids claim to be gay or trans, the agenda is being shoved down there throats at every turn. “Are you depressed? Its probably because you are actually a girl inside.” Imagine that being said by a school counselor to your son. Bellow are several handouts being given to high school students, coaching them on how to accept this mental disorder and go along with it.


Author: The Governor

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