Far Left Commercial “Better Than Ed” Human Self Loathing

The Center for Biological Diversity, A Far left leaning environmental group has been putting commercials out on prime time with “activist” Ed Begley jr. Promoting  population control and enviro extremism. The commercials come off “whimsical” with Begley acting like a fool, Just like all white males supposedly act, Then punching home environmental extremism and a touch of self loathing “Its all the humans fault”. Watch the commercial about “sex ed” Begley says ” Did you know one of the biggest threats to wildlife and habitat is rapid human population growth? Nearly 1/2 of all births in the u.s are unplanned!” Not shocking coming from a group like The Center for Biological Diversity who proudly says on the front of the web page ” We’ve sued Trump 88 times — and we’re just getting started.” Imagine if we had PRO coal mining commercials, PRO oil drilling commercials! And of course PRO timber industry commercials. No wonder the kids are self loathing and regurgitate this propaganda, Its at school, And on t.v when they come home.



Author: The Governor

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