Economy On Life Support

One must ask the question, with record spending by the FED, how much longer can they prop up this economy? The inevitable is coming. Get prepared. The loss was so bad today that it crossed into grounds of loss similar to 2007. Stock sell offs where sharp this morning, the Dow Jones lost 800 points, while the S&P dropped 3%.

President Trump responded by Twitter, criticizing the FED saying that they have raised rates “to high, to fast.”

This should be watched closely, with the distractions by the media of whacko shooters, false flags, and the Epstein debockle. We may find ourselves in a deep recession worse that 08.

Have a look at the debt clock –

While you are looking at the clock rack up, have a look at the ” dollar to gold ratio” … Something worth considering.

Market Summary: 8/14/2019




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