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Land of the free? Not anymore. As a city police cruiser passed by me today, I saw it turn around abruptly, and I got a pit in my stomach. Was I doing anything wrong? No, I was behind on paying my taxes on tags for my vehicle. Yes, Taxes. Makes you think, do I even own my vehicle even after it is payed off? As we already know, after you pay off your vehicle you will constantly pay for tags and re-registering your vehicle. If you do not comply, your vehicle can be impounded and fines imposed. Is this asset forfeiture? What about your “privilege” to drive? You must pay for and renew your driver’s license at the cost the State imposes. Makes you wonder, do you have a right to travel freely? Below is a website that tells you the tax you pay annually on your vehicle. California is very interesting with a additional fee of $100 for electric “green cars.”  Electric Vehicle Fee:$100 additional fee effective July 1, 2020 (Cal. Vehicle Code §9650.6)

Registration and Title Fees by State

What else do you pay the State and Federal government for even though you “own it”? That house you bought with you wife 30+ years ago, you know…the one you just paid off.  You think you now own it! Well, you thought so.  Unfortunately, you will pay property taxes on this until the day you die. Is that true ownership? Sounds like serfdom to me.  According to Wikipedia:  Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the lord of the manor who owned that land. In return they were entitled to protection, justice, and the right to cultivate certain fields within the manor to maintain their own subsistence. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The dear lord, The State! Below is another website that gives you the average percentage you owe in each state.

Average Percentage of Property Taxes by State

I know all of the above is common knowledge, but like many, when you get the bill every year for these things, I am sure you cringe at the amount you owe. There are taxes on just about everything from hunting and fishing licenses to marriage certificates and pet licensing.  Then there are services that you use everyday:  tax on your gasoline, electric bill and all of your utilities. ( Yes, read your electric bill. It has a spot that says taxes.) Some states even tax your food in the grocery store! The government already takes more than it needs. Over 50% of Congressional members are millionaires! The state and federal government have stopped working for the people and now extort as much as they can for personal benefit. This is reminiscent of organized crime. Can you afford to pay anymore taxes??

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