10 Takeaways From the Kavanaugh Hearing

Like most conservatives, I am too busy earning money, being responsible, and living life to go around the country mindlessly protesting.  I’m also civilized.  I prefer to write emails to congressmen, pray a lot about the direction our country seems to be going, and VOTE.  And, boy oh boy, do I ever intend to vote during the midterms as should every conservative.  That said, here are my takeaways from the circus some call the Supreme Court judicial committee hearings on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.

  1. Donald J. Trump is succeeding!  The crazy liberals are so unhinged right now they can’t see or think straight.  Yes, I believe a big component of these wacky hearings involves the left’s denial and anger at Trump winning the Presidency and his last two years of successes.  Even mentioning Trump’s name is like throwing holy water on a demon possessed person.
  2. The Democrats in Congress are every bit a part of the resistance.  No pretending to be above it all.  They let America see who they truly are.  And, by the way, they NEVER intended to vote for Kavanaugh, so why did the country have to be subjected to these antics benevolently termed “advise and consent.”  Kavanaugh was right when he labeled the process “search and destroy.”
  3. The Feminazis have always been unhinged, but now they are certifiable.  As Rush puts it, they sound like every man’s first wife–shrill, hysterical, and untethered to reality.  One only has to view some of their deranged rantings at Republican senators like this one. When has screaming at people ever changed anyone’s mind?  When I was in school, I was taught how to construct a reasoned argument to persuade others.  Not so with the crazy left.
  4. Christine Blasey Ford is and was a liberal activist.  I did not believe one iota of her testimony.  Her childlike voice never changed.  Most people’s voices reflect the ups and downs of their emotions as they speak.  Moreover, it seemed obvious she had been coached in how to act and speak.  I’m sure that was one of the reasons Feinstein waited until the last moment to spring her letter on the committee.  They needed time to prepare her.  Part of that preparation included scrubbing her social media pages and pressuring those she claimed could back her up into going along with her story.  She enlisted the aide of an old friend named Monica McClean, a former FBI lawyer for the task.  Thank goodness it didn’t work.  Read the account here.  Unlike the senators and TV personalities, I don’t have to be politically correct.  I do not believe anything like a sexual assault ever happened to Dr. Ford, and I don’t believe she has an ounce of credibility.
  5. Brett Kavanaugh was right when he said to the Democrat senators, “You may have sown the wind, but you’ll be reaping the whirlwind.”  The whirlwind is the red wave that is going to sweep over this country on November 6th.  The absolute ludicrous accusations against a good man and the determination to totally destroy him for their political purposes was seen by the whole country in living color.  And contrary to the liberal belief that most of the country thinks like they do, most Americans have common sense and common decency.  Many will be pulling the lever for Republicans come November–the exact opposite intended purpose of the liberal senators sitting on the judiciary committee.  I, for one, plan to stay up late on November 6th and relish with glee the suffering of the left as they once again melt down a la the night Hillary lost.  Schadenfreude anyone?
  6. At last establishment and moderate Republicans have awakened!  It was about bloody time they did, but if this is what it took, so be it.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve never been prouder of our side than I was when Lindsey Graham let the Senate Democrats have it right between the eyes.  So, too, was I proud of Mitch McConnell’s floor speeches denouncing the Democrats’ evil tactics.  And, of course, Susan Collins’ speech was reasoned, civil, and methodically laid out the case for confirming Justice–that’s right–Justice Kavanaugh.  I hope they now understand that there is no compromising with the other side.  I believe they get that now.
  7. All circuses need clowns and there were some doozies on the left side of the aisle.  Consider Senator Patrick Leahy’s question about Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook comment on “boofing.”  Really?  Trump is trying to deal with North Korea, China, the trade imbalance, the economy, and imigration.  All items important to the American people.  But Leahy wants to discuss farting.  I would say “unbelievable” but nothing from the left surprises me anymore.
  8. Trump has shown the Republicans how to fight.  Trump stood shoulder to shoulder with Kavanaugh and never waivered.  Imagine what a Jeb Bush would have done?  Probably pulled Kavanaugh’s name from consideration the minute Blasey-Ford showed up.
  9. Someone on the right is going to be seriously hurt or killed by these maniacal nuts on the left.  It’s only a matter of time.  Consider Steve Scalise’s injuries after having been shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter who intended to take out every Republican at the baseball field.  Maxine Waters and others like her who tell their followers to get in people’s faces and form a crowd to harass them will be responsible for this violence.  But, ultimately any injuries or deaths of Republicans can be laid squarely at the feet of Barack Obama.  Remember when he said, “They bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.”  Yes, we remember Barry.  So this is what community organizing has wrought.
  10. Finally, I have to end with the ridiculousness of Ford’s charges.  Most, if not all women have had to deal with unwanted advances from men or boys at some time in their lives.  I thought women were supposed to be, “I am woman, hear me roar” and all that.  Since when are women so fragile that they can’t push a man away and tell them to knock it off.  Ford’s allegations cheapen all legitimate sexual assault claims.

So much more to say, but that’ll do for now.  Now get out there and vote Republican or this lunacy will be multiplied tenfold with the likes of Nancy Pelosi as speaker and Maxine Waters in charge of the Financial Services Committee.

Author: Shakespeare

I'm a retired teacher from Oregon currently living in Washington.

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